History of Thai massage

The technique of traditional Thai massage was developed 2500 years ago in northern India by a prominent doctor Jivaka Kumarbhaccha, companion and friend of Buddha. For centuries it has been applied in folk medicine in the areas of Buddhist temples, and knowledge of it has been transmitted orally.

The first records of Thai massage techniques derived from the year 1277, and in 1832 the first university in the temple of Wat Pho was founded, being renovated and decorated specially for people who wanted to learn this ancient technique of healing body and spirit. Khao Sun – Thai massage parlour

Thai massage is based on 10 major energy channels Sen Sib, which runs life energy so called Lom pran. It is belief that these channels are located two fingers below the skin surface and that they extends through the entire body. It is extremely important for our health that those channels are accessible and that there are no power outages so the aim of traditional Thai massage techniques is to eliminate all energy blockages.

During long development and application of this technique knowledge of Ayurveda, the Indian yoga, Chinese acupressure, chiropractic and massage Japanese shiatshu has been combined in one.

The positive effects of massage are further complemented by selected essential oils and extracts from Thai herbs, fruits and flowers.